Olive oil has an ancient history, a lively present and a healthy future. It links us directly to some of the most ancient civilisations in the world whilst new research suggests it has some of the most exciting health benefits to offer modern man.

Within the world of olive oil, the character and quality of oils can be just as diverse as that of wine. Much can be explained by olive variety and place of origin but production techniques and quality control can be every bit as important. Matters of Taste through their Extra Virgin Olive Oil events, sets out to reveal exactly what we should expect from a quality olive oil. Using comparative tastings throughout, Matters of Taste will give you an overview of the current state of the industry worldwide as well as teach you how to taste and assess olive oils like a professional.

You will learn how to spot the most common faults; to identify the characteristics of several single varieties and create your own blend along the way. We taste oils from many different countries, regions and producers and discuss their gastronomic uses – from spicing up a farmhouse soup to adorning your wild boar carpaccio or your freshly-grilled swordfish.

At least nine different oils will be tasted in each event and this can be tailored to your specific needs – whether a private party, a corporate team-building exercise or an extension-subject for a culinary course. Please contact us to discuss details.  Prices range from around £25 per head to around £50 per head depending on the number and quality of oils used, the number of participants and the venue selected.