Artisanal chocolate

Single origin chocolate – from ‘bean to bar’ is a surprisingly recent phenomenon. The Olmecs, Mayans and Aztecs discovered the properties of cacao; the nineteenth century saw the rapid increase in the number of European producers and the dramatic rise in global chocolate consumption, but it is only in  the past decade that dozens of small producers have begun to reveal a whole new world of taste: that of a specific bean from a single country, sometimes a single plantation.

Chocolate has much in common with wine. As a natural product it is highly influenced by climate, weather, soil, aspect, and slope. As a result, the single origin chocolate bars that are now appearing on the world market, have very distinct and different characteristics.

Contact Nancy to design your own tutored chocolate tasting, either for a birthday or some other private celebration or for a more unusual team-building exercise.  Costs start at @ £25/head.


Alternatively, why not take part of the world’s first certificated chocolate tasting course! See course details below.This course offers rare and difficult-to-source samples of chocolate bars and explains by means of an illustrated tutored tasting, how and why they vary so markedly.

Chocolate Taster Course: Level 1 – Foundation

1 day course: 10am – 4pm.  Lunch provided.

Subjects studied:   Types and styles of chocolate   ~   What makes fine chocolate taste different  to bulk chocolate    ~    Learn about the main cacao varieties    ~   How fine chocolate is made    ~    Basic flaws   ~   Social, ethical issues    ~   Environment and sustainability    ~  Sample at least 9 different chocolate bars    ~    All study materials supplied     ~    To gain Level 1  ‘Award in Chocolate’ students take a 30 multiple-choice exam to be answered in 45 minutes. A mark of 70% is required to pass Certification.

Cost: £50/head