Review of ‘The Olive Oil Diet’


by Dr Simon Poole and Judy Ridgway

Published September 2016 by Robinson, an imprint of Little, Brown Book Group.

On my first reading of this book on ‘the original superfood’, I confess to feeling a sense of frustration. I was reminded, in parts, of a sixth-former’s essay written at midnight (I remember them well!) with sweeping, unsubstantiated statements such as ‘Numerous studies attest to the health benefits of this kind of diet, cutting the risks of many chronic diseases by quite substantial percentages’ (p54). However, on subsequent readings, I have found more to appreciate and applaud, and indeed it is important at the outset to note that this is one of the first books to attempt to gather together scientific evidence as to the benefits of olive oil and to present it in terms that the lay person can easily access. It deserves to be commended on that basis alone. And it does not attempt to preach or convert by any means other than information and evident enthusiasm. Both Dr Poole and Ms Ridgway are passionate and long-serving devotees to olive oil and they both have a genuine desire […]

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Two new initiatives from I & P















I & P, is a small, family-owned olive oil farm in Canino, Lazio, 120 kms north of Rome. It is situated overlooking the Etruscan plain – cradle of Italian civilization – and has over a thousand trees, of which many are older than 200 years. At the heart of the organization is Paolo Borzatta @BorzattaPand his team who are constantly striving to introduce the many virtues of extra virgin olive oil to a new generation of promising chefs, whilst maintaing many of the ancient traditions. Allow me to elaborate further about two such initiatives that are underway in the UK; one a scholarship and the other a recipe competition.


The I&P Olive Oil Scholarship is currently offered to two of the top cookery schools in the Brtiish Isles: Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London, and the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School in Scotland. It is awarded to the student achieving the highest marks in the practical exams of their Diploma. The scholarship prize includes a complete set of the unique “Caninese Collection” of I&P olive oils. (This is a set of six separate bottlings […]

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Arriving in Lucca is never going to disappoint. With its fortified walls and ancient doorways encapsulating an ancient city, it is both traditionally Italian and yet vibrantly ‘of the moment’ when it comes to all things related to food and culture.   EXTRA LUCCA 2016 ( ), an entire weekend devoted to Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, is the perfect example of this. This is the third year that Maestro d’Olio Fausto Borella has orchestrated the event, gathering together thirty top producers from all over Italy and creating a programme of livley seminars and demonstrations held in the Palazzo Ducale.

But the Friday evening’s opening session took place in the dramatic location of the Teatro del Giglio, initially built in the1600s (, right in the center of Lucca. Here, a mix of experts and enthusiasts, producers and consumers, gathered for the award ceremony celebrating the trophy winners. Many well deserved awards were handed out amongst a group of extremely talented producers.

(Full list of Award Winners below)

To see us through the evening though, a range of buffet […]

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